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Backyard Revolution by Zack Bennett
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Backyard Revolution is a ground-breaking energy-saving blueprint created by Zack Bennett. By using solar power, the guide shows you how to make your own homemade solar panels to power your home.

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Take the time to read my in-depth backyard revolution review, and you’ll see why you should reconsider your current power source.

Renewable energy is a hot subject right now. More environmentally friendly alternatives are being recommended more often, or there is a switch to generate environmentally friendly electricity.

However, this conversion is costly, and in some places where old buildings and other infrastructure remain, power grids are not being redesigned to accommodate renewable energy sources.

Would you take the risk if you could slash your power bill by half with a bit of ingenuity in your own backyard space? What about the possibility of free electricity? The backyard revolution is your own homemade solar panel system in your backyard, ensuring that you never pay for more energy than you need.

The backyard revolution is a system that can produce long-lasting electricity while still saving a lot of money. It will provide you with tips on conserving energy while also helping you take a step towards the future.

The high cost of electricity is a common complaint. Millions of people have joined a campaign to find ways to save money. If you’re one of them, you’re probably curious to learn more about the backyard revolution. It’s an intriguing and promising product that has attracted the attention of consumers worldwide.

What is Backyard Revolution?

Utilizing the backyard revolution solar system, traditional energy sources and costs will be reduced by 65 percent. This device was discovered in a backyard, as indicated by its name. The program primarily aimed to assist people in danger by depending on traditional energy sources, such as windmills.

The method entails maximizing panels to produce a gallon of electricity from ordinary solar panels in a backyard. The panels are approximately 19 square feet, significantly improving the standard dimensions of panels used to produce energy from windmills or other sources.

Backyard Revolution is an online guide that teaches you how to make solar panels at home using the zig-zag process. It’s focused on the idea of solar energy and how it can be used to generate electricity.

It all began when researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that their old solar panels were using lots of renewable energy. These old solar panels can be expensive to purchase and install. In the study, the energy deficit was cited as the major drawback of the technology.

Backyard Revolution 3D Solar Panel

Rather than providing you with solar panels that you can use outside, it provides you with plans that show you how to install them and information about all the equipment and supplies you’ll need.

The plans for backyard revolution were developed by Zack Bennett based on research completed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bennett came up with a better method to construct solar panels based on their studies on the zig-zag technique.

According to the study, the energy deficit is to blame for the technology’s drawbacks. Backyard Revolution, on the contrary, was the catalyst that triggered the paradigm shift. The goal was achieved with a 4-hour instructional guide on constructing a solar panel system.

You can complete one of the small solar panels in as little as four hours with the help of the guide. As many solar panels as you need for your house can be made using his instructions

This backyard revolution solar system also comes with a step-by-step guide to making the installation process easy.

Backyard Revolution gives step-by-step guidance on how to construct a groundbreaking solar power system in a short amount of time, even if you’re a total beginner. This solar panel, both powerful and environmentally friendly, is your ticket to energy independence at a price that almost everyone can afford.

Zack Bennett, aka The Backyard Revolution Creator

This is a bit of the back story of how the program came into existence.

Backyard Revolution was created by Zack Bennett, the man behind the idea. Bennett, an engineer, became intrigued by the research conducted by MIT. He combined the research with his design to develop a new way to construct solar panels.

Bennett can trace the beginnings of his design to a single night when he and his wife were living in Orlando, Florida. Engineer and carpenter, he had many tools and equipment at home.

Backyard Revolution Zack Bennett

The storm that struck the city resulted in a power outage that left many homes without electricity. When he heard a thief outside, he reacted instinctively and tried to confront him. After hearing Bennetts’ daughter cry, the thief fled.

In light of this, Bennett wondered why there weren’t more economical and accessible sources of electricity available to the general public. Most solar panels were expensive and required complicated installation and maintenance procedures.

Using the MIT research and his carpentry experience, he designed new solar panels that anyone could construct. Even if you’ve never used a hammer before and have no knowledge of technology, you can make the best solar panels for your home.

How Does It Work? The Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Technical Facts

A product’s expectations should be clear. Within 4 hours, you will be able to build and set up the system by following the step-by-step instructions on the video tutorial. When you’ve built it, you can put it in any area of your home.

The solar panel must be placed outdoors to be in direct contact with sunlight. If the panels are aligned with the sun, the weightless mirror has little or no effect on the overall system.

In a 3D design, it’s a mixture of towers, tubes and mini-towers that contain solar cells. According to an MIT report, it can generate renewable energy 20 times more efficiently than traditional solar panels. Therefore, installing your own solar panel system for your household usage is possible. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly method.

Designed with vertical surfaces, it can absorb enormous solar energy. Through this 3D solar technology, efficiency can be seamlessly achieved.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Backyard Revolution System?

Here’s what you get when you purchase backyard revolution. It’s an informational product. Zack Bennett provides several books and video tutorials in which he outlines step-by-step how to create your own backyard revolution. These include:-

(a) Backyard Revolution eBook – The main manual with how-to instructions for making a 3D mobile solar unit for less than $200. In addition to extended graphics and pictures, written instructions and detailed illustrations help you understand the process in the 117-page guide.

(b) Alternative Electric Energy Sources for Your Homestead – In this special report, “Backyard Revolution” goes into overdrive as a foolproof, disaster-proof and EMP-proof off-grid power source for emergencies! Even if the grid is down for months due to an EMP or natural disaster, you and your family will always have electricity. This study will teach you a lot more energy-saving strategies

Backyard Revolution Bonus

(c) How to Build Your Energy Stockpile – By reading this radical report, you will learn how to store the excess power generated by the backyard revolution system. That way, none of that power is wasted. You will learn about the best ways to do so and what type of battery to use. You can make new ones or revive old ones from scraps lying around your garage or house. This study aims to teach you how to store the unused energy that your system generates.

(d) How to Protect Your Homestead in case of an EMP – This special report contains the essentials many self-described energy enthusiasts fail to consider. When you purchase the backyard revolution guide, you will receive it free. During power outages, you will learn how to scale your new solar panel system into a complete off-grid power system.

Pros and Cons of The Backyard Revolution

  • Easy To Install – Any individual can install the program without the help of a professional. As a result, it may be done by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise. You may install it by following the detailed instructions provided in the video guides.
  • Independent – National grids can no longer be trusted. They go down anytime, and they are given very poor ratings proving them to be unreliable. The backward revolution is the solution to your power needs if you want to live free and save money on your monthly electric bill. It lets you generate electricity on your own.
  • Portable – The system can be easily picked up and carried wherever you go. So you will no longer be limited to using it at home and on camping, road trips, and other outdoor activities.
  • Saving Money – It is impossible to control the dramatic increases in your electricity meter each day. The result is a high bill despite relatively low usage. Using this system, you can save 50% on typical utility bills. The solar panels are cost-effective and dependable, allowing you to be self-sufficient and automatically generate electricity without relying on a third party generator.
  • Less Space Required – Traditionally, solar power systems require a lot of space. However, the backyard revolution excels, requiring the least amount of space for installation. As opposed to conventional solar panels, it only requires 5% space. Furthermore, it generates twice as much energy as regular solar panels. There is a 10 square foot space requirement for finished solar panels.
  • Maintenance Free – A zero-maintenance installation is generally preferred. Therefore, it comes with low to zero maintenance costs, ideal for long-term use. Upon completion, you can easily place it anywhere and use it throughout the year.
  • Cheap – Solar energy has soared in popularity, and the panels themselves aren’t that expensive. The installation, however, is. Installing conventional solar panels on your roof can cost thousands of dollars, and even then, they aren’t the most efficient.
  • Weather Resistant – Some people worry about using solar power because they assume that it won’t work in the dark or when it’s cloudy. The backyard revolution solar system has an advantage because it works in all weather conditions. Imagine that you use electricity one day and leave the panel off. The solar panel will kick in and power your home the next day if the electricity goes out due to a storm. The solar panel will absorb cells and convert them into power that it will store for later use. You only need to worry about losing power if the panel is not exposed to the sun for a prolonged period.
  • Unlike an actual domestic power supply unit, it is a support system for your home energy production. It is not recommended to rely on just one power source since you could be exposed to risks if something goes wrong.
  • There are no charging options available.
  • People who use this should bear in mind that it should not be positioned in the shade. It should be exposed to sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the top questions that people also ask:-

I believe that Backyard Revolution would be a great alternative to the traditional power supply and that you could save both money and electricity. I believe that people who have already used this course also tell their friends about it. Families wishing to save money and protect the environment will benefit from this program. So I highly recommend it.
Several government agencies have even stated that it’s not true. In my research, I found that most people who label it fake are people who cannot afford it. Don’t be fooled; this is a genuine product. Over 10,000 people have already deployed the system and can attest that it has reduced their electricity bills. Thousands of people claim that it works and is well worth every penny. It has a 30 money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it and you can and will get a full refund. So NO, IT IS NOT A SCAM!
Yes It Does! The return on investment can usually be seen within a few months of installing the system correctly. Using this system should result in savings of at least 50%. According to the program, you can save up to 65%, but it depends on where you live, your energy usage, and the price.
The cost is $39, and it’s a one-time payment. A 30% discount is currently being offered, which would bring the price down to $27. Upon purchase, you will receive the ebook, bonuses, and instructional videos.
The parts and materials you’ll need to build the 3D solar system will cost you between $150 – $250.
I would say yes. It is the real thing! I am thrilled to share a video that a backyard revolution user (Billy Montes). The system will be easier to understand after you watch this video. Observe in the video; Billy has even connected an electric drill and a television.
This depends on how many 3D solar panels you install on a single array. On average, a solar panel can produce 250-1500 watts per day. Using 12 solar panels on a 3D solar tower will produce 3000-18000 watts per system.

Final Thoughts

Green energy sources are in high demand. Perhaps you have considered solar energy but have been put off by the expense of installing panels at your property. They appreciate the fact that solar energy can save them money and provide power in situations where traditional electricity cannot.

As part of its mission, the backyard revolution plans allow people to design their own solar panel system from the comfort of their own homes without obtaining the help of professionals. The most effective way to reduce the cost of electricity and provide power to your home is by making the smallest initial investment.

So, in conclusion, my backyard revolution review was aimed at helping you make a better-informed decision about the product. I hope that I have succeeded in doing so.

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